There are many ways to tempt a potential buyer with your property, ranging from captivating copy to perfect pictures. Even virtual reality can play a part. But, although these are great at enticing a potential buyer, it’s with an in-person viewing that the true magic happens.
Viewings play a crucial role in boosting sales potential by providing a firsthand experience of the property’s features and the chance for an emotional connection to be made. It is where potential buyers fall in love. And, when that happens, they make you an offer.

So how can you use the power of viewings to enhance your chance of a successful sale and drive greater interest from motivated buyers? Read on to discover some of the things you can do to help your agent help you to make a quick sale to the right buyer, as well as useful advice in case you’re handling your own viewings.

Prepare your house for a viewing (each time!)

The fall-in-love moment can be a split-second event. If you’ve neglected those all-important first-impression must-haves, you might turn potential buyers off as easily as you could have turned them on. A tidy-up of the front improves kerb appeal and ensures viewers will commit to viewing inside. Welcoming them with a space that is clearly defined, well presented and clean and tidy will allow them to relax and enjoy the viewing, as well as being able to visualise themselves and their belongings in your property.

Showcase the unique qualities of your property

Viewings allow you to showcase the unique qualities of your property, so make sure you are showing them off to their best advantage at each visit. It could be a period fireplace or a sun-soaked conservatory, or perhaps you have a particularly inviting snug room that your friends always comment on and which a potential buyer might adore, too.

Highlighting unique or unusual features not only helps to draw attention to your property but will ensure it stands out and is remembered – even if the prospective buyer can’t wait to rip out the period fireplace and install a log burner.

Think about the subtle touches that can enhance a viewing

As well as offering you a chance to delight visually, plan an assault on the other senses too. Sumptuous throws that invite stroking will initiate a physical connection with your property. Opening windows and doors (so long as it’s warm enough!) not only brings in the fresh air but also the sounds of outside, such as birds in the garden or the sea, if you are by the coast.

Engage through the sense of smell too – rather than an overpowering air freshener, try a subtle scented candle, freshly brewed coffee, or better still fresh, fragrant flowers that please both eyes and nose. Similarly, consider what a prospective buyer might see, hear or smell that could put them off and fix it – a blocked and smelly drain, for example, or an overflowing bin.

Make it easy for viewers

Potential viewers are going to be stressed but will also be excited. To ensure the latter is their overriding emotion, do what you can to ensure the easiest viewing experience for them. If you can, make space outside, or very close by, for them to park. If you have pets, ensure you’ve vacuumed thoroughly to reduce the risk of allergies, as well as perhaps asking a neighbour or friend to look after more boisterous animals – such as a lively dog – that could distract or scare some viewers.

Plan your viewing

During viewings, stick to the adage of saving the best for first and last. This should stand you in good stead when you are handling viewings yourself. It allows you to start and end on a high and to sandwich some of the less desirable elements somewhere in the middle. Remember, an experienced agent will have the know-how to best plan viewings, as well as having the expertise to know what to highlight and what to downplay – so make the best use of them.

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